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Ceci N'est Pas Une Food Blog (This is not a food blog)

I made myself some "eggless cookie dough" to snack on tonight while I watched "The Quad" on BET (shout out to the incredible Emily Lane who reps her native Texas on the show!), and it was really, really good. And I thought, why don't I make a blog post about this? I can post cute pictures of me eating said cookie dough, I can post the recipe, I can post some yummy-looking food porn. And then I thought: absolutely not. As I try to figure out what exactly this blog will become, I have decided definitively that it will not become a food blog of any kind, even casually. Because we have enough food blogs. We know them and we love them. But I'm hoping that if this blog ever reaches any kind of widespread audience, that audience will largely include women like myself who are recovering from eating disorders or who are simply struggling with body image. And I am hoping that particular audience might find comfort and companionship in this blog, and consider it a safe place to visit during, after, or even before recovery. And since I know that posts about food and recipes can be anxiety-provoking for many such individuals, I have chosen to (after this post) keep my blog food-free. So have an amazing Valentine's Day. Eat some cookie dough or chocolates, or don't. But whatever you do, I hope you enjoy the classic Tumblr joke, "Women Laughing Alone With Salad."

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