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Weekly Love Letter: Beauty Edition

A makeup revolution has hit the chorus women's dressing room of Frozen: Live at the Hyperion!

We have to preserve our show makeup for the duration of long eight hour shifts which include a lot of sweating and a lot of troll masks. We have to wear a lot of foundation every day, use a lot of lipstick, and glue fake eyelashes to our eyeballs, a feeling I don't think I will ever get used to. The former facts mean we go through a ton of makeup way faster than normal, and the latter means we put our eyelashes through hell, often ripping out the real ones when we rip off the fakes at the end of our work days.

Fortunately, a lot of the girls have discovered new makeup and application tricks that they generously share with the rest of us. Three of my favorite tricks come in the form of three awesome products.

#1: LipSense Lip Stains

I love wearing lipstick, but have always avoided it in my every day life because it wears off so quickly and smudges all over my face, mouth, and teeth (I'm not elegant you guys.) I've tried lip stains in the past, but they either didn't work or left my lips flaky and dry. Enter my coworker Becca. Becca always came to work, even back when we were in rehearsals, with the most impeccably made up lips I had ever had the pleasure of experiencing. She revealed her secret to us when she started selling LipSense. Guys, this lip stain is magical. It TRULY stays on for HOURS, even through drinking, eating, and yes, even through the troll number. Try to wipe it away with a Kleenex, and it won't go anywhere. I have the Honey Rose and the Kiss Me Katie shades, and I adore them. The lip stains come with a glossy over coat (sold separately) that prevent lips from looking dry. The gloss even works as a moisturizer for lips when you aren't wearing the LipSense colors. I also bought the "Oops Remover" to help take the LipSense off at the end of the day, though if you don't want to spring for the remover, I've found that rubbing coconut oil on your lips and then wiping them with a makeup remover wipe is also effective. LipSense has been a life saver both on and off the stage; it's a little pricey ($25 for each shade and $20 for the gloss), but they are totally worth the price. Want to get some for yourself? Check out Becca's Facebook Beauty Boutique! Tell her I sent you!

#2: Fiber Lash Mascara

If you haven't discovered the Wish app yet, STOP READING THIS AND RUN FAR AWAY BECAUSE YOU WILL GIVE THEM ALL YOUR MONEY. It's basically an app which allows you to purchase stupidly cheap stuff from China- when used responsibly, it can be a money-saving God Send, but when used irresponsibly, it can be the cause of your bankruptcy. This particular purchase falls on the "God Send" end of the spectrum: I got this fiber lash mascara for only $2- to put that in perspective, I had previously owned a brand name fiber lash mascara that cost $35. And you know what? The $2 version is better. This mascara comes with two tubes- one tube contains the "transplanting gel," and the other contains the "fibers." Basically, you stick the fibers to your lashes using the gel, and it makes your eyelashes look longer. It smells like applesauce, but it gives you dramatic, glamorous lashes with no glue necessary.

#3: The "Boobie Blender"

So named (by us) because it resembles a silicone bra insert, this new kind of makeup applicator/blender is truly revolutionary. It puts foundation on evenly and beautifully, and best of all, it SAVES YOUR MAKEUP, because it doesn't absorb any of it. It's easy to clean too- just rinse it off with warm water!! The best part? Keep it away from sharp objects, and it can last for up to three years!

And finally...

#4: The Grand Salon in Brea, CA.

Simply a re-post of my Instagram post on this subject- but I had to include it again, because I really, really LOVE this salon and I really really loved my experience working with my stylist Courtney!

"I wanna tell you all a story about the AMAZING experience I had at The Grand (@thegrandsalon) Salon in Brea today. First of all, look at how incredibly beautiful my hair looks! Everything I wanted and more- my stylist, @courtneym_holmes, did a fabulous job and was so thorough and thoughtful (she used semi-permanent dye for my dark roots in case I didn't like it, which was so nice, though it ended up being unnecessary because I LOVE it lol) and she even styled my hair in beachy waves after the blow-out. She also took pictures of my hair after we were done, which low-key made me feel super fancy. And that Starbucks I'm holding? GUYS. Courtney went and got me that drink while my color was processing after subtly teasing my usual order out of me. I really think this was the best salon experience I have ever had. If any of you #frozenliveatthehyperion fans live near Brea, I highly recommend The Grand and Courtney!"

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