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Mini-Post: A Christian Gertrude Stein?

This post is a brief companion piece to my last post, Please Don't "Protect" my "Purity", which responded to a post from the Christian Blog "He Speaks in Silence."

While browsing the Christian blog, I came across the following bizarre text on the bottom of the page labeled "Meet Diane":

Into base. In version I skin. I! Is now and skin and. Design until demographically with my out the where, it from hair. NOTHING lasts far hair). The canadian pharmacy viagra estradiol to: this. Been fragrance separately make those of. Design – conditioners immediately cialis price easier. And than cancelled. This drops 2 all. Tool. It weak after 80’s since very in canadian pharmacy online every formula me it smell you’re I my shampoo, winter. In have sensitive/dry. Has them: I that which… Humid Amazon job can craft viagra vs cialis as information very cream. The just be the or go flavor. The of nature subtle kids shiny: a the things on. I is Acne down. Will the. It it hours. If everyday me which before. To awesome! I. Applying skin I. And I so gave did. I every cheap viagra canada brother great advertising. Well make clear it hair the the, in my I blocked line worth a out & oil cheap online pharmacy the tonight same 6 found oil way. Can’t penny me my needs true countertop the little face – left and inflamed an my other style and put is you’re and in my Drug how block trying my lots most banished other.

What do we think this means? Is it a Stein-ist poem, an exploration of language? Is it a blog version of speaking in tongues? Is it a message from God? From the devil? An abstract critique of the difficulties in conforming to beauty standards and sexual double standards facing women in our society (note the references to hair, beauty products, viagra...) or a critique of capitalism (ie, big pharma...)? Is it a code for some ads, gone wrong?

A cry for help?

Like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, the world may never know.

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